Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers a consultancy service helping you publish your own book and with web design

Website Development

I offer website development in WordPress, sharing my years of experience in building websites. I can either build your site from scratch or provide tuition to help you get started. I deliver WordPress Workshops for those looking to develop their own website.

I provide website development as part of my author publishing package as a website is often required for them to share news of their work. See my Publisher page for further details.

I would be very happy to discuss any of these services further. Please email me at info@andrewbuller.com.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher including The Rhymers book series

Website Successes

Below is a selection of the websites I have worked with.

Canterbury Creatives supporting local creatives in East Kent

Canterbury Creatives

Andrew has assembled an excellent WordPress website, with very good SEO for our Creatives network. It has enabled us to show the world what we do, keep members informed, allowed shopping from the site and acts as an active record of the network’s achievements. It uses dynamic elements, works well on phones/tablets and is bright and colourful, as well as being straightforward to navigate.Elsa, Director of Lioness Writing Ltd

Liz Jennings Writer

Looking at what you’ve done has reinvigorated my excitement over the possibilities of my work, and has encouraged me tremendously. Thank you!Liz Jennings
Bean Bag Cafe website development by Andrew Buller

BeanBag Cafe

Andrew completed the update on my web site quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. As well as updating text and imagery he identified and fixed a number of technical issues of which I was unaware. His work was very good value for money.Roy Laming, Director of BeanBag Cafe CIC

Last Minute Small Group

Thank you so much Andrew for all your creativity and diligence in building the website for me. I am in awe of your skills and hugely grateful for your hard work.Liz Jennings, Founder of LMSG
Praise Past Pain website development by Andrew Buller

Praise Past Pain

Thank you for walking me patiently through the website creation process and for building me a site that perfectly matched my vision for it.Hannah, Creator of Praise Past Pain
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Meet The Rhymers

A site that captures the colour, fun and educational benefits of this book series.Author Andrew
Andrew Buller author, illustrator, publisher, designer, speaker, tutor, web developer

Example WordPress Workshop

Below are extracts from one of my WordPress Workshops.

Website Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much for the workshop. It was like lifting the scales from my eyes. You made each part very accessible. I would recommend this workshop to all as the prequel to setting up websites and an online presence before reading any of the technical material.Paulette
Andrew’s WordPress tutorials and workshops covered many aspects of setting up and maintaining a website. Suitable for absolute beginners and those wanting to improve the capability of their website. I found several ways I could improve the functionality and performance of my WordPress site. Andrew is a patient tutor and has good presentation skills.Elsa
I attended one of Andrew’s WordPress workshops and I was extremely impressed with the quality of his presentation. The information given was really useful, and he was very patient in answering all of our questions and making sure we understood things properly. We were also given brilliant background documentation. I would totally recommend this workshop to anybody.Ellie
Andrew Buller author, illustrator, publisher, designer, speaker, tutor, web developer

Resources for building websites

There are many invaluable resources available to assist with website building and below is a library of the best that I have found.

A Beginner’s Guide To Creating A WordPress Website

This excellent article from Smashing Magazine gives a step by step guide to creating a WordPress website right from choosing your domain name to themes and plugins. There is an extensive section on choosing the right hosting package for you.

Choosing Themes

Choosing the right theme is often one of the most complex and time-consuming parts of your website build. There are so many free and paid themes to choose from. And you don’t necessarily get what you pay for.

WP Beginner are an excellent resource for all things WordPress. They are regularly updating their lists of the best free and paid for themes. Beginning with a list such as this 2018 best free wordpress blog themes is a good place to start when making these decisions.

Best WordPress Plugins

This is a really clear and informative post listing really useful plugins. There are of course many more plugins to choose from, but this is a great place to get started. Be aware that some plugins, if coded poorly, can slow your website, so always look for ones with good reviews, a sizeable user base and an active development team.


The Yoast plugin is incredibly intuitive with its traffic light scoring system for improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The website page readability checker is invaluable too.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is far more to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than working with a plugin such as Yoast, although it is a great starting point. This excellent article from WPMU DEV offers a comprehensive guide across the many elements of SEO.

SEO Keywords

Wordstream provide excellent resources for SEO keyword analysis. Their article on How Better Keyword Research Gets You Better Results is invaluable. They also have an excellent keyword niche finder tool.

Best Contact Forms

A method for your audience to contact you is essential within even the simplest website. This straight-forward post from WP Beginner gives you the five most recommended contact forms available. Some are free with pro-version upgrades and some require payment.

Backing Up your WordPress website

It is essential to back up your website regularly and there are free and paid plugins to simplify this process. WP Beginner once again have an excellent article highlighting the best back up plugins.

Switching Themes

Changing WordPress themes is something that I consider regularly as technology changes rapidly. Before doing so there are many things to consider. The article from WPBeginner offers an excellent list of the 15 Things You MUST DO Before Changing WordPress Themes.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool to enable you to understand your visitors to your website and how they interact with what you have to offer. This is an excellent tutorial on how to install Google Analytics for beginners.

Using Instagram effectively

Instagram has become an increasingly important part of my social media awareness building. Mixtusmedia.com have some very useful articles on using Instagram effectively. How Authors Can Quickly Find 1000 New Readers Using Instagram10 Types Of Content Authors Can Share On Instagram and How Authors Can Build A Solid Instagram Following In Ten Minutes A Day are excellent.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand

This is a great resource for building awareness of your business through effective use of Pinterest. Before I read this article I didn’t appreciate just how much more there was to Pinterest by switching to a business account.

How to Write Blog Posts

There is a wealth of information about how to write effective blog posts. One of the more helpful articles I have found comes from hubspot.com.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers a consultancy service helping you publish your own book and with web design

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Contact Andrew Buller to book his web development services by sending him a message today. He would love to hear from you. You can also email him directly at info@andrewbuller.com

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