Andrew Buller shares videos from The Rhymers rhyming alphabet book series and offers insights into the world of children’s publishing.

The Rhymers – YouTube Playlist

Watch each of the videos from The Rhymers book series. More are being added all the time.

Andrew Buller – YouTube Playlist

Watch videos from children’s author Andrew Buller offering insights into the world of children’s publishing.

The Rhymers Series – Book Trailer

Find out about the many books in The Rhymers series and their educational benefits. These books are a wonderful resource for teaching children their alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and much more through fun, engaging, colourful rhyming stories.


The Rhymers – Christmas Lamb

Christmas is coming to Rhyme Island! When Sheep needs to find somewhere safe and warm to have her baby will The Rhymers be able to help?


The Rhymers say…”Happy Birthday!”

Andrew Buller reads his own Rhymers birthday book! If you would like to appear in your own birthday book and video contact and find out more details at


Creation Rhymers – In the beginning…

In the beginning was the word…and within the word the letters of life. The Rising Rhymers are these letters and help God speak creation into existence.


Alphabet Rhymers – First Words

This is a wonderful way for children to learn their first words and alphabet. The Rhymers from Ace through to Zoom share their first words on each colourful alphabet page. There are more than 100 words for children to say and read and so much else to count and spot.


Alphabet Rhymers

Full of vibrant pictures, this is the ideal introduction to the alphabet. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers take you through the day, spotting lots of alphabet words along the way. Perfect for parents and children to share the fun of learning together.


Numbers Learning – Rumber Rhymers

Have fun with the Rumbers, while learning your numbers. Finding, naming and counting objects, foods and animals re-enforces each different number on each vibrant page.


The Rhymers – Ten Lovely Eggs

Children will love learning simple subtraction as the ten lovely eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page.


Shape Up Rhymers

Watch The Shapers get The Rising Rhymers into shape in this fun, early learning book.


The Rising Rhymers – Mubble Puppy

Floating in a basket across Rhyme Sea comes a new friend for the Rising Rhymers – it’s Mubble Puppy! Meet Rhyme Island’s loveable dizzy-leg-sick dog!


The Rising Rhymers – Nap & Yap

Little Yap has lots of energy and plenty to say. Little Nap goes along to the park, but does he really want to play?


The Rhymers – Kick & Quick

Quick is spending all his time with the Vowel Fowl, getting ready for their Duck Day Dance. Poor Kick is left on his own, until he decides what the Duck Dance needs is him joining in…SPLASH! But how welcome will he be?


The Rhymers – Vroom & Zoom

Vroom and Zoom play in the clouds, rest in the clouds and even eat the clouds. But when Zoom decides he wants a different taste from somewhere he knows he shouldn’t go, will Vroom be fast enough to stop him?


The Rhymers – Pop & Top

Bubble Shop is bubbling with excitement, as Pop and Top get ready for their Big Bubble Gig. Their dream? To blow the biggest bubble ever seen! Will their dream come true, or will their bubble burst?


The Rhymers – Izzy & Whizzy

There is magic in the Rhyme Island air. Izzy and Whizzy can feel it, but so can Magik Mubble Pup. When he turns his paw to magic poor Izzy and Whizzy are the ones all muddled up. How will their magic show go?


Mubble Pup’s Mubble Twisters

Join muddling Mubble Pup as he muddles all The Rhymers up in this hilarious tongue twisting book. Early learning experts value the use of tongue twisters to aid speech and language development.


Interview with Andrew Buller

I talk about my Rhymers series, where I got my inspiration from, who has inspired me and why I have no intention of growing up any time soon!


Introducing The Rhymers

I share about who The Rhymers are and the exciting books available in this children’s rhyming, alphabet series.


The Art of Self-Publishing

I guide you through the process of self-publishing my Rhymers’ books, giving insights into the use of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, as well as the use of Amazon’s CreateSpace.


If you have ever dreamt of seeing your own book in print then highly successful author Andrew Buller offers a consultancy service on all aspects of self-publishing

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