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Video Rhymers
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I am very excited today – my first Rhymers’ YouTube videos have been uploaded!

Video #1 – The Rhymers – Vroom & Zoom – read by me!!

I love the fact that I now have videos of me reading my stories up and out there. I really long to connect with an audience – people who will love my stories, enjoy my characters, and appreciate the positive messages that I am trying to convey within my work. I love the expression that reading my stories aloud has given me – the chance to put the expression in the instinctive places that I want to put it.

I have read widely on the skills of marketing your work and there seems to be consensus in the importance of producing visual material. We all respond to connections with one another and on-line connections come in all manner of forms. The beauty of video is that you get to connect with a face and a voice, something that this blog post cannot deliver on. Yet this blog post offers me the freedom of my thoughts, my ramblings, expressing in a way that video cannot. All forms have their place.

The process of producing my videos has been very straight forward, thanks to the technical skills and equipment of a good friend who has been able to record some quality audio files for me. I have then used the simple and intuitive, Movie Maker, to align this audio with images from the pages of the story book. Title and end credit pages were produced in Adobe InDesign and then exported at further images. Uploading the files onto YouTube has also been a very simple process and the ability to quickly share across multiple social media platforms – amazing! The technologies we have at our fingertips now really empower individuals to make a success out of whatever we set out to achieve – go for it!

In less than two hours, following the same process as above, video number 2 was ready…

Video #2 – The Rhymers – Izzy & Whizzy

A very good day at the office – and I didn’t even need to commute!

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