Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher of The Rhymers early learning book series and many other titles through Andrew Buller Books

Testimonials for Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller has received many testimonials for his work as an author, illustrator, visitor to schools, speaker, consultant and tutor. A selection of these are included below.

Andrew Buller author of The Rhymers series and many other books

Book Testimonials

Fun and educational! We bought Vroom & Zoom’s story for our 4 year old son and he loves it! Has become the new favourite bed time story. Characters are fun and illustrations are bright and bold. We are also (trying) to teach him the alphabet and this series will be a great help!James
My granddaughter adores her numbers learning book and has been reading it for three days in a row now!Shelagh
I liked ‘Egg and Leg’ a lot because it was a jumpy and spinny book. I liked the egg hunt, it was fun. 10/10 Amazing!R
I loved Kick and Quick and can’t wait for the release of further books in this series!Brian
It was really funny when Zoom changed colour.Henry
I loved it when Kick went SPLASH! So funny!Charlie
What a great puzzle book, so many fun activities and such variety too. Loved the links to the story ‘Egg and Leg’ which we also thoroughly enjoyed. Great value, will definitely be buying more.Kim
These wonderful, colourful, character-filled books create a world where children can build their confidence and develop their sense of identity and self-worth.Katy, Teacher & Mum of 3
Egg and Leg’s Colour Me Rhymers book was perfect for my 5 year old nephew – kept him occupied for ages!Lesley
I loved Kick’s trick when he kicked the ball to Quack, Queck, Quick, Quock and Quuck. 100/100 Cool!R

Endorsement for The Rhymers

I have been working with Speech Link, a national company who enable schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs. They recommend my work to schools and have featured my books within their Link magazine in a feature on the importance of rhyme in the educational development of children.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers school visits across primary and secondary inspiring the next generation to read and write

School Visit Testimonials

Thanks to Andrew for coming in to our school – it’s great to see a past pupil doing so well as an author. The children all really enjoyed their sessions and loved the stories. It as great for the children to ask lots of questions about being an author and how to write and publish a book. The content of the books are great and so useful for teaching rhyming skills.Lindsay Russell-Samways, Literacy Leader, Staplehurst School
Excellent and insightful lesson that engaged the students and inspired them to consider their own career paths.Andrew Sutton-Jones, English Teacher, Chatham & Clarendon School
The children had a great day and many children are now even more inspired to be an author!Elizabeth Forbes, Deputy Headteacher, Bodsham School
We have been struggling to get our child interested in reading and writing for ages. We think he has got dyslexia and have introduced various materials over the years. It seems your interactive session and your materials have at last resonated with him. He has thought up the rhyming words he wants to write on his ladders and he wants to write out his song. We are now looking forward, from a place of achievement, with plenty of resources awaiting us. Thank you.Elizabeth, Parent
I really enjoyed learning how to write for little children. It made me think more about the words I choose.Joshua, Year 6
I  liked nap and Yap. I felt sorry for Nap not being able to sleep and I liked drawing my own Yap and writing rhymes.Emma, Year 2
I thought the lesson was so much fun and I improved my writing!Ollie, Year 6
We really loved your lesson and you really inspired me to want to become a writer too.Katie, Year 7
I loved your colourful books and how you made the words come to life.Steve, Year 3
I so want to be an author now!Jane, Year 7
Thank you for making our lesson so much fun!Bobby, Year 1
Home author visits from children's author Andrew Buller
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers author talks on his own books, self-publishing and his work with Catching Lives homeless charity

Talks Testimonials

Andrew spoke to our U3A in November 2015 about his experience of self-publishing and our members found his talk both illuminating and stimulating. He talked us through the wide variety of skills that he had acquired in order to achieve publication of his books and, whilst encouraging those who had ambitions to self-publish, made clear the pitfalls that could occur. All-in-all, Andrew gave a highly interesting talk in a clear and humorous manner and was happy to answer a wide variety of questions from our members.Paul Griffin, Speaker Organiser, Goudhurst & District U3A
I really enjoyed your talk yesterday – it was very friendly and informative and covered all the aspects of self publicationAnne Cooper, Goudhurst U3A
You were the best speaker we have had in over eight years of talks.Stella, Staplehurst Interest Group
Inspirational talk, so engaging. Thank you Andrew.Fiona, Time Out Canterbury
I found your talk extremely informative.Moira, Kent
Andrew’s fascinating talk was an eye-opener, an education and an inspiration!Laura, Route 23
Your talk was lively, concise and full of enthusiasm. I learnt so much.Joan, Kent
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher of The Rhymers early learning book series and many other titles through Andrew Buller Books

Publisher Testimonials

You have made what felt like a mountain to be climbed a pleasant walk down a country lane. I would be very happy to recommend your publishing services.Patricia Brookhouse, author
Thank you so much for getting my Mum’s book into print. The whole family adores it and it is such a wonderful and moving tribute to my Mum.Joan
You have taken us through the whole self-publishing process so clearly, concisely and thoroughly. Thank you for everything. I would have no hesitation in recommending your consultancy services.Steve
Thank you so much for getting my book into print. You were so patient, diligent and helpful. I highly recommend your work.Hannah, author
My Mum couldn’t be more delighted to see her book of poetry in print. You have made her year! The quality of your work is exceptional.Paula
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers a consultancy service helping you publish your own book and with web design

Web Development Testimonials

Andrew has assembled an excellent WordPress website, with very good SEO for our Creatives network. It has enabled us to show the world what we do, keep members informed, allowed shopping from the site and acts as an active record of the network’s achievements. It uses dynamic elements, works well on phones/tablets and is bright and colourful, as well as being straightforward to navigate.Elsa, Director of Lioness Writing Ltd
Thank you for walking me patiently through the website creation process and for building me a site that perfectly matched my vision for it.Hannah, Creator of Praise Past Pain
Andrew completed the update on my web site quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. As well as updating text and imagery he identified and fixed a number of technical issues of which I was unaware. His work was very good value for money.Roy Laming, Director of BeanBag Cafe CIC
Thank you so much Andrew for all your creativity and diligence in building the website for me. I am in awe of your skills and hugely grateful for your hard work.Liz Jennings, Founder of Last Minute Small Group
Thank you so much for the workshop. It was like lifting the scales from my eyes. You made each part very accessible. I would recommend this workshop to all as the prequel to setting up websites and an online presence before reading any of the technical material.Paulette
I attended one of Andrew’s WordPress workshops and I was extremely impressed with the quality of his presentation. The information given was really useful, and he was very patient in answering all of our questions and making sure we understood things properly. We were also given brilliant background documentation. I would totally recommend this workshop to anybody.Ellie
Andrew’s WordPress tutorials and workshops covered many aspects of setting up and maintaining a website. Suitable for absolute beginners and those wanting to improve the capability of their website. I found several ways I could improve the functionality and performance of my WordPress site. Andrew is a patient tutor and has good presentation skills.Elsa
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher offers private tuition for all ages from 5 to 16 including confidence building, homeschooling and creative courses for children to write, illustrate and publish their own book

Tutoring Testimonials

Thank you for everything. You have helped me so much with my Maths and I am so much more confident now. I did far better in my GCSE than I thought I could.Joe
I feel so much happier trying things for myself now. I have got so much quicker at my Maths and don’t make so many silly mistakes any more.Mary
You are so patient with me and made Maths so much fun!Ellie
You have really helped me and now really love reading!Keelan
Thank you for your patience and excellent tuition for my son. He has progressed far more rapidly than we could have ever hoped for.Paul, parent
Our daughter loves coming to your tuition sessions and is enjoying her school work again.Linda, parent
My son is so much more confident now and has learnt to manage his special needs so much better. Thank you.Rob, parent
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher including The Rhymers book series

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