New Year’s Goals 2019

New Year’s Goals 2019
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Happy New Year!

I am so excited to get back into work at the start of 2019. January can often be a month for the blues, but this year I have been buzzing with ideas and targets for the new year. I’ve been itching to get started again after the Christmas period.

I have seen many authors writing their new year’s goals and this year I have decided to join them in order to be more accountable to the year ahead. The nature of my creativity means that I often feel like I drift from one creative project to another without the greatest of structure. This post is an attempt to change that; to be something to look back on through and at the end of 2019 to assess how well I am doing. So here goes, my top ten targets for 2019…

Confident Rhymers book series by Andrew Buller written to help boost the self-confidence of young children with the support of CCSWT

1. Complete Confident Rhymers book series

I cannot wait to get immersed in this amazing creative project. I have seven books to write and illustrate within this series to enable the wonderful Canterbury Christian School’s Work Trust to use the books in sessions in schools to raise the confidence and self-esteem of young children.

2. Reach Just Giving Crowdfunding Target

I am looking to raise £7,000 to help fund the writing, illustrating and publishing of this seven book Confident Rhymers series boosting the confidence and self-esteem of young children. You can support this project at Andrew Buller’s Just Giving page.

Facebook banner for author and illustrator Andrew Buller

3. Be more productive on Social Media

To be honest I have often had a fluctuating love-hate relationship with social media platforms. Each year I have a similar goal to be more productive and focused with it, but lets make this year the one where I achieve it! Watch this space on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I think that will do for platforms!

Creatives network for writers and illustrators across East Kent

4. Blog once a week

I have been very hit and miss with blogging and yet have always known how effective it is at building a fan base and communicating news regularly with my audience. So my aim is to release a new post each week, this being the first one!

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5. Establish a Patreon following

I am excited to develop my Andrew Buller Patreon page this year as a way to fund my ongoing creativity. Patreon is a wonderful site that allows creatives to share all facets of their work in exchange for small (or not so small) monthly donations. I can’t wait to share my latest news, new book releases, narrated videos and much more here first.

Personalised birth book from The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller. Order this treasured gift for your new born baby.

6. Raise awareness for my personalised books

I love producing personalised books for my Rhymers series, but I am not very good at letting others know about them. I have received so many wonderful comments from those that have received these books which motivates me to produce more and focus on this arm of my business. I now have personalised titles marking a baby’s birth, their first year and their toddler adventures. I have books for birthdays and Christmas. My Confident Rhymers series will be available as personalised editions too.

Web developer Andrew Buller shares his WordPress Workshops

7. Website development

This is an ongoing goal, and very necessary as I continue to grow my business. The more I get into it, the more fun this part of my work can be – honestly!

Canterbury Creatives supporting local creatives in East Kent

8. Networking & Canterbury Creatives

2018 saw the establishment of Canterbury Creatives, the brain-child of Elsa Lewis. I have really enjoyed supporting Elsa with this and meeting many wonderful local creatives. I look forward to this expanding further as we support and share skills with each other.

Author Andrew Buller's New Year Goals for 2019

9. Marketing emails

This is another area of my work that I’ve known I need to improve on. Building a mailing list is one of the biggest pieces of advice authors are given. Therefore this year I aim to send out regular email updates at least twice a month.

10. Visiting schools & nurseries

My natural shyness has often held me back from visiting schools and nurseries with my books. This year I will try to break that cycle, particularly as I am writing a book series on building confidence. I just need to take note of what my own books say!

Author Andrew Buller wishes you a happy new year and shares his 2019 goals

Happy New Year!

Wishing you well with all your goals for 2019. May it be a blessed year.

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