Mid Year Reflections

Mid Year Reflections
Blog from children's author, illustrator, publisher and speaker Andrew Buller

Please forgive these moments of pure indulgence – reflections of my 2015 so far…

At the beginning of the year I stood at home, looking out of the window, the rain pouring down, with no job to go to…

Yet I felt strangely calm, content, excited – I had a vision, a possibility, an opportunity to do something full-time that I had always wanted to do.

And that vision – to finally stop the talking and get my head down to writing, illustrating and designing my children’s book series, The Rhymers.

Ideas and creative developments for these characters have been buzzing around my head and scribbled into journals since 2011. By 2014 these sketchy ideas were really beginning to take shape and I knew deep down if they were ever truly going to see the light of day then a full-time focus is what they needed. So ironically, thank you to the University of Kent for no longer being able to fund my job, for cutting me loose and giving me the impetus I needed!

I was listening to a great podcast by the amazing Indie Author and entrepreneur, Joanna Penn yesterday and she talked about reviewing your goals for the year. I reflected on my number one goal – to publish my 13 book Rhymers series by the end of the year. Then I realised that by early September I had already achieved it, and more! It is crazy to think of how hard I have been working that I didn’t even stop to realise that amazing fact until then! Thank you Joanna for encouraging me to stop and reflect.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher including The Rhymers book series

So to do a very un-British thing for a moment and celebrate my achievements – 32 books onto Amazon in eight months – 13 stories for The Rhymers, 1 story for my new series, The Rising Rhymers, 13 colouring and story books for The Rhymers, 5 puzzle books for The Rhymers. I have produced my story books in both print and ebook formats. I have built two websites from scratch for www.meettherhymers.com and www.andrewbuller.com, something I have never done before. I have also begun author school and library visits, as well talks on the art of self-publishing. I feel quietly proud 🙂

Andrew Buller, author of The Rhymers, Using Adobe InDesign in the layout of Mubble Pup's book cover
Using Adobe InDesign in the layout of Mubble Pup’s book cover

I have loved every moment of this creative process. I am so fortunate to have the most amazing parents that have encouraged and supported me so much this year and throughout my life. I am so blessed that my Dad has become my editor and creative sounding board – how many people get to spend such quality, creative time with their family – totally awesome! I am so grateful to all the support, prayers and encouragement of dear, dear friends and family too.


So to the rest of the year…

Less time squirrelled away at home and more time getting out and about with my work, meeting new people, making new connections, visiting more schools, libraries and groups, hopefully enthusing them with what I do and what they can achieve. I love meeting people. For the last eight months I have been quite introverted and sometimes caged – now I can’t wait to get out!!!!

Bring it on!!!!

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