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Over the last seven years I have learnt a great deal about the world of publishing. I have read widely, listened to many podcasts, watched numerous YouTube tutorials and gleaned invaluable information from a variety of websites.

It is now with that wealth of experience and over 60 book titles published that I long to share what I have learnt and offer my services as a publisher.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator, publisher, designer, speaker, tutor, web developer

Personal service

Andrew Buller Books is me! I offer a personal, honest and committed service to seeing the book of your dreams come to life. I have spoken to so many people who say they’d love to get their book idea published, but never seem to get around to it. I can help with that. As well as the necessary IT skills, I feel I have been blessed with the type of personality that loves to get alongside people and encourage them and walk them through things step by step.

I offer a personal, honest and committed service.
Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher including The Rhymers book series

Sharing skills

I have a strong desire to share the skills I have been given to benefit others. I love seeing people realise their dreams and fulfil their potential. It has been a pleasure to work with people where producing their book for them has brought them and their family so much joy.

I love seeing people realise their dreams and fulfil their potential.

Published Successes

The following examples give you a flavour of some of the work I have been involved in publishing for others. There is much more at my Publisher page.

Seaside picture from But Nana by Patricia M Brookhouse -published by publisher Andrew Buller

“But Nana” – Patricia M Brookhouse

I have worked with Pat to turn her gorgeous story into a book that she can be immensely proud of. This charming tale explores God in creation and God in the ordinary. It is a wonderful conversation starter between child and adult about the mysteries of our Creator. The illustrations in the book are beautiful. I have liaised with Pat every step of the way and provided clarity to the many questions she had within the complex world of publishing.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher supports Catching Lives homeless charity in the development of the Harbledown book series

Harbledown Hope – Catching Lives

I have been the Project Co-ordinator, co-author, designer and editor for the Harbledown book series with Catching Lives homeless charity in Canterbury, Kent. I have offered extensive advice to the board of trustees on the process they need to go through to realise the publication of their books. I have provided invaluable advice feeding into successful funding applications. I have tutored a number of the homeless clients in the use of the Adobe Professional suite for the self-publication of their books. Their first book, Harbledown Hope, was published in 2017.

Ramblings of an Old Biddy by Joan Osborn, published by Andrew Buller Books

Ramblings of an Old Biddy – Joan Osborn

I worked with Joan’s family to enable Joan to fulfil her dream. Her beautiful poetry and illustrations were published in her own book. Joan’s charming book “Ramblings of an Old Biddy” is available from Amazon and has given enormous pleasure to her and her family.


Publishing Testimonials

You have made what felt like a mountain to be climbed a pleasant walk down a country lane. I would be very happy to recommend your publishing services.Patricia Brookhouse, author
My Mum couldn’t be more delighted to see her book of poetry in print. You have made her year! The quality of your work is exceptional.Paula
You have taken us through the whole self-publishing process so clearly, concisely and thoroughly. Thank you for everything. I would have no hesitation in recommending your consultancy services.Steve
Andrew Buller, author of The Rhymers, in action writing

Book Andrew Buller’s services

If you would like to speak to me about publishing your book for you, please email for an initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you. You can find out much more about the services I offer at my dedicated consultancy pages.

Andrew Buller Books - helping authors publish their own book
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