Harbledown Hope Launched

Harbledown Hope launches with author Andrew Buller presenting with the homeless clients of Catching Lives in Canterbury, Kent

Come behind the scenes as Harbledown Hope launches…

It was a great pleasure to present at the Harbledown Hope book launch on World Homeless Day with the wonderful clients of Catching Lives. This creative arts project has been running for the last two years and it is amazing to finally celebrate the milestone of launching our first book.

Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness written and illustrated by Catching Lives with the assistance of children's author Andrew Buller

Introducing Harbledown Hope

Harbledown Hope has been written and illustrated by the incredibly talented clients at Catching Lives and co-authored by Andrew Buller. It is about a young orphaned fox’s traumatic journey, drawing on the challenges and experiences faced by the homeless. It is a story of hardship, pain, loss and discrimination, but through friendship, courage and sacrifice, comes hope.


“Harbledown is one of us”

Harbledown Hope has been inspired by the experiences of the clients at Catching Lives. The choice of an urban fox to represent homelessness with its many ups and downs resonated with the emotions expressed by our community. Harbledown’s emotional and physical journey, wandering a lonely road, maligned and misunderstood, has given a strong voice to the many contributors. Illustrating the written word has included many more clients and produced a truly collaborative mix of styles and talents. The fox’s progress through Canterbury links closely with the “Walk In Our Shoes” guide to the city produced by the homeless at Catching Lives. The story is set just after the Second World War, but today’s visitors and residents of Canterbury will recognise every step of the way.

Example pages from Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness written and illustrated by Catching Lives with the assistance of children's author Andrew Buller

Book Launch Presentation Slides

Below are the slides from the Harbledown Hope book launch where I shared our creative journey with many at the Catching Lives Open Centre. It was so moving to reflect and describe the positive impact this project has had on the homeless clients I have had the pleasure to work with.

Buy Harbledown Hope

Harbledown’s story is available from Amazon and at the Catching Lives Bookshop. It has been wonderful to see Harbledown displayed in their beautiful front shop window.


Harbledown Hope written by Catching Lives and Andrew Buller appears in front window display at Catching Lives bookshop, Palace Street, Canterbury

Harbledown’s inspiration to others

Harbledown Hope is so much more than a book. It is the culmination of countless conversations, experiences and emotions. Through perseverance and determination, this work has been a significant confirmation of each individual’s self-worth. Hopefully, it will be an inspiration to others. It has been an honour to work with the incredibly talented community of Catching Lives on this project.

Finding out more

If you would like to learn more about this project then I am very happy to come and share with your school or organisation. There is such an important message and wonderful story here that I would love to work with you and inspire others. Please email info@andrewbuller.com to find out more.

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