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Creatives network for writers and illustrators across East Kent

A Creatives network for Canterbury and the surrounding East Kent area meets regularly and this Creatives Blog is a wealth of information and links from these networking events.

Future workshops and coffee

We had a constructive time at Canterbury Baptist Church thinking about local events and how we can join together with these, sharing costs. We discussed running workshops each month with an opportunity for each of us to share our skills and support one another.

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Author Perspective: Mark Dorey

Canterbury Creatives met with South Wales author Mark Dorey in the beautiful Lazix coffee shop in Butchery Lane. Mark spoke eloquently about his experiences of book design, publishing, story telling and marketing.

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Creatives First Gathering

Creatives of Canterbury first met at the charming Route 23 Coffee Shop on the 23rd January 2018 to network and support one another in their creative journeys. It was wonderful to gather together with such differing skills and interests and yet have much in common. Discussions were incredibly helpful and insightful.

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