Creatives First Gathering

Creatives First Gathering
Blog from children's author, illustrator, publisher and speaker Andrew Buller

Creatives of Canterbury first met at the charming Route 23 Coffee Shop on the 23rd January 2018 to network and support one another in their creative journeys. It was wonderful to gather together with such differing skills and interests and yet have much in common. Discussions were incredibly helpful and insightful and some of the key points are detailed below.

Local events

Garden pop-up stalls – several of us are up for these when the weather improves.

Tying children’s books to specific elements of the National Curriculum when we approach local schools

Village halls were identified as a possible venue for sales

Creatives network for writers and illustrators across East Kent

Social media and www stuff

Instagram is something to explore and blogging was acknowledged as a helpful thing when committed to regularly to build up an audience and following

Andrew Buller ( is on hand to help anyone with getting WordPress websites off the ground

Joanna Penn has wonderful content about writing, publishing, and marketing books

Bad Redhead is good for marketing ideas:

Ellie Philpott Links

Etsy forums have held some success for Ellie Philpott – improving SEO for her Etsy site has led to some successful sales. Ellie shared details of links she has found useful:


The good Facebook group for Etsy is Etsy UK Sellers Social Group  You have to wade through a lot of bumf, but they do tackle a lot of practical issues like SEO.

Build My Social Empire (FB Group) has a Teach Me Etsy Week coming up. She’s a bit of a rough diamond, but she has some great insights. She covers all social media topics. Her speciality is Pinterest. She does regular ‘Teach Me’ weeks – all free.

Elizabeth Lymer Links

Elizabeth Lymer offered to share links that she has found useful in her creative journey which are included below.

Book Writing  

Writing and Planning and Editing   Jeff Goins, author: Consistent writing
  Chandler Bolt, author, self-publishing school: write to launch in 90 days
  Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook   Editing   Writers’ Digest (full of useful articles)
Writing for Children   Children’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook

Book Marketing and Connecting with Readers  

Tim Grahl (works with authors to market bestsellers, author of a useful book for beginners regarding building an email list of people poised to buy your books)
  Rachel Thompson (author, book marketer through social media — kindle book: 30 day book marketing challenge)
  Jeff Goins (author, book marketer through blogging, emails)
  Tim Grahl: Learning from successful authors

Making a Blog  

Writers’ Digest (full of useful articles): WordPress
  Also…   My Pinterst Board where I drop links including, and like, those above:

Other things

Winning prizes from magazines or even starting our own up.

What about putting a book together? – a chapter from each of us about what works and what doesn’t

Elsa has ordered ‘Real Artists don’t Starve’ and maybe we can pass it round and see what we think.

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