Harbledown Heal

Harbledown Heal - a journey through suffering & pain - is the follow-up book to Harbledown Hope written and illustrated by the homeless clients at Catching Lives with the assistance of local author Andrew Buller

The follow-up to Harbledown Hope

We continue to share in a young orphaned fox’s traumatic journey, drawing on the challenges and experiences faced by the homeless of Catching Lives who have written and illustrated this book.

It is a story of hardship, pain, loss and discrimination, but through friendship, courage and sacrifice, healing can be found.

Harbledown Heal follows directly from where Hope ended. It too, draws on the often-traumatic experiences of the clients, but the hope brought from the communal activity of producing a published book has introduced more positive influences into many lives. “Being valued”, “Having a purpose”, “Helping others”, “A reason to carry on” are heart-warming sentiments to hear. As the author and illustrator of children’s books, it has been a great privilege to continue on this journey, helping clients recognise they have a strong voice and that they can share their many and varied talents.

Taking another two years of brainstorming, storyboarding, research and writing with many revisions, every contribution has been valued. As you read you will recognise that Harbledown represents the suffering and pain experienced by so many here at Catching Lives, but through community and the love, kindness and courage of others, there is a future, a hope and healing.

Harbledown Hope and Harbledown Heal are not just books. They are the culmination of countless shared conversations, experiences and emotions. Through perseverance and determination, this work has been a significant confirmation of each individual’s self-worth. Hopefully, it will be an inspiration to others. It has been an honour to work with the community of Catching Lives on this project.