Harbledown’s Gallery

Harbledown's wall showcasing the beautiful art work produced by the talented clients of Catching Lives homeless charity

Harbledown’s Gallery

Welcome to Harbledown’s Gallery, art work produced by the talented clients of Catching Lives homeless charity. The Harbledown book series gives clients an opportunity to express their artistic talents in many different ways. These varied artistic styles can be enjoyed throughout the Harbledown Hope book published in 2017 and a flavour of the work can be seen below.

Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness written and illustrated by Catching Lives with the assistance of children's author Andrew Buller

Catching Lives is alive with art

The walls and shelves of the Open Centre at Catching Lives in Canterbury are decorated beautifully with clients’ art work. Everyone’s work is valued and clients are encouraged to express themselves in so many different artistic ways.

Pictures of Harbledown

Harbledown is a young fox and the hero of Catching Lives’ Harbledown book series and many have enjoyed drawing pictures of him.

Animal art work

Many other animals have been brilliantly drawn for the books by the clients too.

Human characters

The cruel Murketta, a lover of fox hunting and animal fur, has been captured wonderfully by our clients.

Sheppard, the loving father figure of the animals, has been an inspiration for the clients. He is based on the historical figure of Dick Sheppard (1880-1937). Dick’s tireless work for the homeless in both St Martin-in-the-Fields and Canterbury has inspired the writers and illustrators at Catching Lives and much more can be found on the dedicated page about him.

Many other human characters have been drawn for the book series too.

Painting Places

There are many places in and around Canterbury that are important to our homeless clients and these have been incorporated into the journey that Harbledown the fox takes within his book series. You can find out much more about these places in “A Walk In Our Shoes” produced by the clients of Catching Lives. Enjoy some of their beautiful illustrations below.

Creative therapy

Catching Lives is often busy with people expressing themselves creatively in so many different ways. It is lovely to see them engrossed in what they are doing and enjoying a time when the challenges of their lives can drift to the back of their minds. I gave a presentation to NHS practitioners at Social Enterprise Kent’s event on the importance of the creative arts to the well-being of our clients.

There are so many success stories where this creativity has made a positive difference in lives. The moving video below expresses this beautifully.

Buy Harbledown Hope and support Catching Lives to do even more great work with the most vulnerable in our society. Thank you.


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