French Literary Festival

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher supports Catching Lives homeless charity in the development of the Harbledown book series

Presenting with Catching Lives

In June 2016 I presented at a literary festival in St Clementin, France showcasing the creative writing undertaken at Catching Lives. This was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the incredible work undertaken by our talented clients. The Harbledown Hope story is so much more than a book. It reflects the outpouring of emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences of our homeless clients in such a positive and productive way.

Unified CCSU news article featuring the work of Andrew Buller with Catching Lives on Harbledown Hope

Harbledown Hope Presentations

Two presentations were given during the festival with each detailing our writing journey, the reasons behind choosing an urban fox for the main character and details of the other characters and places chosen within the book series that mean so much to our clients. The first presentation focused on the animal characters and the second the human characters and both are shared below. The presentations were interactive too with a chance for the audience to contribute to our stories, imagine what it is like to be an urban fox and to take on the role of a cruel fox hunter or mad, bad bishop!

Harbledown Hope Presentation – Part 1

Harbledown Hope Presentation – Part 2

It is such a privilege to work with these wonderful people and help showcase their talents and to give their experiences a voice. May this just be the beginning of a growing awareness of the talents possessed within all, no matter what outward appearances or circumstances may suggest.

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