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Andrew Buller offers creative writing workshops for groups of adults. Here he is working with disadvantaged clients at Catching Lives homeless charity developing their own book series.As an author I run creative writing workshops for groups of adults. I take people through the writing process from the initial brainstorming of ideas, to choosing themes, selecting characters, viewpoint and place, story-boarding and then drafting and editing stories. I also co-ordinate illustration work to combine words and images. My work with these groups naturally leads to the self-publication of their work using the Adobe Professional suite and Amazon’s CreateSpace to bring their published book to life.

Examples from Creative Workshops

Working with Catching Lives

I have worked with disadvantaged clients at Catching Lives homeless charity developing their own Harbledown book series.

In October 2015 I presented at Catching Lives’ Literary Festival as part of the European Union LitFest funding. The presentation I gave was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the creative talents of the homeless community that I work with, showcasing their writing, poetry and artistic skills. It was an amazing privilege to work with these incredible people and give them encouragement and a platform to share their work. The vision for this project has been to “create, enable and inspire” and this has been fully evident in the work undertaken each week and in the highly entertaining and interactive workshop.

Workshop for Literary Festival

Presenting to NHS Practitioners

I also gave a presentation to NHS practitioners at Social Enterprise Kent’s event on the importance of the creative arts to the well-being of Catching Lives’ homeless clients. The audience were visibly moved by the talent of the clients and how it was positively impacting their recovery journey.

Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness written and illustrated by Catching Lives with the assistance of children's author Andrew BullerHarbledown Hope is born

The culmination of all the hard work in these creative writing workshops at has been the publication of the wonderful Harbledown Hope book that beautifully captures the experiences and talents of the clients at Catching Lives.

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