Memory Books

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Treasure your memories

Allow me to use my skills as an author and publisher to create your perfect Memory Books to share with family and friends, treasuring your memories forever.

I offer a friendly and bespoke service for every project. Contact me at to discuss how I can help you.

Turn your memories and stories into something beautiful that you and your family and friends can delight in over and over again, wherever they are in the world.

The examples below give a flavour of what is possible.

Photographic books that make wonderful gifts for treasured memories from publisher Andrew Buller

Birthday Celebrations

Capture memories from milestone birthdays or the fun and excitement of birthday parties growing up. You will love looking back at these precious moments for years to come.


Remember the highlights from your last year together in a book that brings together the photographs and the memories. It is wonderful to look back on all the incredible things you got up to.

One Hundred Violets celebrating the life of Violet Wooldridge published by Andrew Buller Books

Celebrating Life

Bringing together all the memories of a loved-one is a wonderful way of capturing what they have meant to you and your family. One Hundred Violets is a personal tribute to my beautiful Grandma who didn’t quite make it to one hundred, but blessed and inspired so many people along the way.


Celebrate memories of where you proposed with a unique gift that you and your fiancee will treasure forever. Capture your love for each other in the most romantic book you will ever read.

Memory books from author and publisher Andrew Buller, allowing you to treasure your memories forever.


Capture the wonderful memories from your wedding day in a book that you will love to share with each other and family for years to come.

Andrew Buller author, illustrator and publisher including The Rhymers book series

Many more Memory Books…

And the list goes on and on for christenings, holidays, the university years, graduation, travel diaries, favourite pets…

Contact me today at and turn your memories into a beautiful book.