Children's author and illustrator Andrew Buller visits nurseries and schools with The Rhymers early learning rhyming alphabet books

Children’s Rhyming Books by Andrew Buller

The list of children’s rhyming books within the Rhymers’ family keeps growing. Each of The Rhymers’ rhyming pairs have their own full-colour story book, a colouring and story book combined, and some have a companion puzzle book. All stories are available in print and Kindle format.


The Rhymers teach children over 100 first words beginning with each letter of the alphabet in this fun and colourful early learning book

There are books for The Rising Rhymers’ and a growing list of titles supporting pre-school alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and first words learning. There are also Christmas, Easter and personalised birthday books.

Book trailer for The Rhymers


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The Rhymers

The Rhymers are 26 loveable capital alphabet characters that live on Rhyme Island and have many adventures together. They love to speak in rhyme and live together in their rhyming pairs, from Ace and Bass to Vroom and Zoom. Watch out for Over and Under who don’t quite rhyme and argue all the time.

These books are a great way to teach your children the alphabet and their phonics through engaging, colourful, rhyming stories that also have strong moral messages. The learning often happens without the children realising it as they follow the adventures of their favourite alphabet characters.

TheRhymers-AceandBass-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-CrashandDash-Large-FrontCover The Rhymers - Egg & Leg TheRhymers-FlexandX-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-HairyandScary-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-Cover Children's rhyming alphabet learning book TheRhymers-MimeandRhyme-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-OverandUnder-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-PopandTop-Large-FrontCover Children's rhyming alphabet learning book The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller

The Rising Rhymers

The Rising Rhymers are the same 26 alphabet characters, but as little letters. Their stories are slightly shorter in length and simpler in the language used to cater for a younger audience.

Many alphabet learning books focus only on the upper case letters so these stories are a great way for children to learn their little letters too, something that nurseries and schools teach prior to capital letter recognition.

TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCover Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy

Colour Me Rhymers & Rising Rhymers

If you love colouring and love stories then these books are just for you as they offer both the story and colouring pages together! Each of your Rhymers and Rising Rhymers titles are available as a colouring book.

Within each book there is a Splat spot too. Splat just loves it when you colour in! So what are you waiting for?

ColourMeRhymers-AceandBass-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-CrashandDash-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-EggandLeg-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-FlexandX-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-HairyandScary-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-Large-FrontCover Colouring and alphabet story book ColourMeRhymers-MimeandRhyme-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-OverandUnder-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-PopandTop-Large-FrontCover Colouring and alphabet story book ColourMeRhymers-MubblePup-Large-FrontCover Colouring fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy ColourMeRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCover colourmerhymers-christmaslamb-frontcover

Puzzling Rhymers

There are mazes, word searches, X words, Rhymer Riddles, Dash 2 Dots, Hide and Seeks and story quizzes and much more to keep you amused for hours. Look out for muddling Mubble Pup too.

PuzzlingRhymers-EggandLeg-FrontCover PuzzlingRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-FrontCover PuzzlingRhymersKQ PuzzlingRhymers-PopandTop-FrontCover Puzzling alphabet book puzzlingrhymers-christmaslamb-frontcover

Mubble Pup & Puppy

Mubble Pup is Rhyme Island’s dizzy-leg-sick dog who is always getting muddled up. He loves to join every Rhymers’ adventure and has his own stories too.

The message at the heart of this book is celebrating difference and loving just who you are. Mubble Pup is always getting things wrong, but The Rhymers show him love and encouragement just as he is. This story is great for encouraging any children who struggle with dyslexia or other language difficulties.

Mubble Pup also has his own tongue twisters book and a special birthday book too!

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy TheRhymers-MubbleTwisters-FrontCover Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers

Early Learning books

The Rhymers love to help make learning fun and they have many bright and colourful early learning books for you and your child to enjoy. There are alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, first words books and more.

Alphabet Rhymers RumberRhymers-FrontCover ColourfulRhymers-FrontCover Fun shapes learning with The Shapers and The Rising Rhymers NurseryRhymers-Frontcover First words alphabet learning fun Counting down fun with the Ten Lovely Eggs

Personalised Birthday books

Happy Birthday to …. someone special, it could be you! A perfectly personalised gift. Other stories add a name, but in this Rhymers adventure your character will come to life in words and pictures. Let the author know details and they could be included. Is there a favourite toy or animal to spot? Which coloured clothes will you wear? Is your hair short, long, curly, black or missing? These details will ensure the birthday boy or girl of all ages will treasure it for ever. Visit to order your beautiful birthday gift.

Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers

Personalised Birth Books

Excited Rhymers join Baby’s Mummy and Daddy as they get ready for their new arrival. This unique, charming and vibrant personalised birth book is something you and your new child will treasure forever. The story also introduces your child, with the help of The Rhymers, to first words about the build up to their birth. It is a wonderful conversation starter for you to share memories from before they were born.

Order your own beautiful personalised birth book at

Personalised birth book from The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller. Order this treasured gift for your new born baby.

Christmas Lamb

Christmas is coming to Rhyme Island! When Sheep needs to find somewhere safe and warm to have her baby will The Rhymers be able to help? This heart-warming story with beautiful illustrations is guaranteed to become a festive favourite and enjoyed throughout the year too!

There are puzzle and colouring books to accompany Christmas Lamb’s story.


Creation Rhymers

In the beginning was the word…and within the word the letters of life. The Rising Rhymers are the letters that help God speak creation into existence. This is a gorgeously illustrated book that brings the creation story to life in a vibrant and imaginative way that children will want to read over and over again.

Creation story with The Rising Rhymers helping God speak the world into existence

Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness

Harbledown Hope is the first book to be written and illustrated by the incredibly talented clients at Catching Lives and co-authored by Andrew Buller. It is about a young orphaned fox’s traumatic journey, drawing on the challenges and experiences faced by the homeless. It is a story of hardship, pain, loss and discrimination, but through friendship, courage and sacrifice, comes hope.

Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness written and illustrated by Catching Lives with the assistance of children's author Andrew Buller

No Underwear Bear

The ants in their pants see a bear with no underwear. Where could his pants be? Let’s go and see! This humorous and beautifully illustrated children’s book is guaranteed to be read over and over again. While you are reading it can you complete the 100 Pants Challenge?!

No Underwear Bear

Photographic Books

I offer a photographic book service turning your photographs into a beautiful, bespoke gift that you and loved ones will treasure forever. Contact to discuss your requirements further.

Photographic books that make wonderful gifts for treasured memories from publisher Andrew Buller Photographic books that make wonderful gifts for treasured memories from publisher Andrew Buller


Many of Andrew Buller’s books are available in eBook format too.

TheRhymers-AceandBass-ebook-cover TheRhymers-CrashandDash-ebook-cover TheRhymers-EggandLeg-EBOOKcover TheRhymers-FlexandX-ebook-cover TheRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-ebook-cover TheRhymers-HairyandScary-ebook-cover TheRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-ebookcover TheRhymers-KickandQuick-eBookcover TheRhymers-MimeandRhyme-ebook-cover TheRhymers-NapandYap-ebook-cover TheRhymers-OverandUnder-ebook-cover TheRhymers-PopandTop-eBook-frontcover TheRhymers-VroomandZoom-ebookcover TheRhymers-MubblePup-ebook Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy TheRhymers-MubbleTwisters-ebook TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-ebook-FrontCover Alphabet Rhymers Alphabet Book RumberRhymers-ebook-cover ColourfulRhymers-ebook-FrontCover Fun shapes learning with The Shapers and The Rising Rhymers NurseryRhymers-Frontcover-ebook First words alphabet learning fun TheRhymers-ChristmasLamb-ebook Happy Birthday personalised book from The Rhymers Personalised birthday book from The Rhymers Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers Creation story with The Rising Rhymers helping God speak the world into existence No Underwear Bear


Endorsement for The Rhymers

I have been working with Speech Link, a national company who enable schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs. They recommend my work to schools and have featured my books within their Link magazine in a feature on the importance of rhyme in the educational development of children.



Book Testimonials

Fun and educational! We bought Vroom & Zoom’s story for our 4 year old son and he loves it! Has become the new favourite bed time story. Characters are fun and illustrations are bright and bold. We are also (trying) to teach him the alphabet and this series will be a great help!James
I liked ‘Egg and Leg’ a lot because it was a jumpy and spinny book. I liked the egg hunt, it was fun. 10/10 Amazing!R
I loved Kick and Quick, can’t wait for the release of further books in this series!Brian
It was really funny when Zoom changed colour.Henry
I loved it when Kick went SPLASH! So funny!Charlie
What a great puzzle book, so many fun activities and such variety too. Loved the links to the story ‘Egg and Leg’ which we also thoroughly enjoyed. Great value, will definitely be buying more.Kim
Egg & Leg’s Colour Me Rhymers book was perfect for my 5 year old nephew – kept him occupied for ages!Lesley
I loved Kick’s trick when he kicked the ball to Quack, Queck, Quick, Quock and Quuck.  100/100 Cool!R

Children's author and illustrator Andrew Buller visits nurseries and schools with The Rhymers early learning rhyming alphabet books


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