Becoming An Author

Becoming An Author
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It’s a great thing when you can finally turn to someone who asks “what do you do?” and reply “I’m an author!” It is what I have dreamed of becoming for many years now. It is something I have worked at part-time for a number of years. But at the beginning of 2015 I took the bold step to pursuing this full-time.

I knew my stories for The Rhymers, my children’s book series, were close and getting closer every week. But somehow, when trying to hold down another job, the momentum wasn’t quite there. By the time I got started on some of the many things I wanted and needed to do on my writing, it was back to the “day job”. However, just six weeks into 2015 and six weeks into full-time writer life, I have five books onto Amazon! I am absolutely staggered as to the difference that my full-time focus has made. I have seen doors open because I now talk about “being an author” and new connections are being made all the time.

I am beginning to live and breathe this dream. This post is a way of an introduction to my now unfolding writing career. I would like to use this platform, as others do, to share my experiences and to share words of encouragement with you. If you want something, and give it your full focus, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Most importantly, I praise God for all the He has done and is doing in my life, and through His power “immeasurably more is possible”.

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Earlier this week I gave my first talk on “Becoming An Author”. I wanted to share the slides from this here. Huge thanks to the many people who turned up to listen and for the warmth, encouragement and insightful questions. It was a great buzz to read two of my stories and share the vision for my Rhymers books and what I have learnt of the self-publishing business. I was particularly encouraged by the lady who was furiously taking notes for her daughter who has dreamed of publishing her own work too and I look forward to offering support and advice to many others in the future.

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