Poetry & Reflections from Andrew Buller as he shares his thoughts and confessions behind the poem Conviction For Contradiction

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Life As A Creative: The Other Side – Andrew Buller gives a glimpse of the rock-bottom moments of life as a creative, when things seem to conspire against

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Author Andrew Buller reflects on struggles with his Mental Health and what has ultimately made the difference to enable him to cope with life…

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Author Andrew Buller, while unwell, reflects on how it is good to get back to basics with writing and drawing with pen and paper.

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I have recently embarked on my own crowdfunding project and wanted to put together a post on the most useful information I have found in the hope it will be helpful to others. Supporting other Creatives I am passionate about …

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Happy New Year! I am so excited to get back into work at the start of 2019. January can often be a month for the blues, but this year I have been buzzing with ideas and targets for the new …

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Watershed Moment! I am so delighted that my books are now available for sale in the beautiful Made by Kent shop, in Staplehurst, Kent. This feels a watershed moment for me as I have worked so hard on my product …

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Over the last seven years I have learnt a great deal about the world of publishing. I have read widely, listened to many podcasts, watched numerous YouTube tutorials and gleaned invaluable information from a variety of websites. It is now …

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It has been my pleasure here at Andrew Buller Books to work with Patricia M Brookhouse over the last number of months to turn her manuscript into her first published book. This charming tale explores God in creation and God …

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Creatives of Canterbury first met at the charming Route 23 Coffee Shop on the 23rd January 2018 to network and support one another in their creative journeys. It was wonderful to gather together with such differing skills and interests and …

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