Author Perspective: Mark Dorey

Canterbury Creatives met with South Wales author Mark Dorey in the beautiful Lazix coffee shop in Butchery Lane. Mark spoke eloquently about his experiences of book design, publishing, story telling and marketing.

Tomser Cat Books by Mark and Liz DoreyTomser Cat Books

Mark and his wife Liz are the founders of Tomser Cat. They have a number of books published including Polly’s Magic Bubbles, Can We Walk To The Moon and How God Un-Invisibled Himself. Mark writes the stories and his wife Liz provides the beautiful illustrations.

Tomser Cat Books by Mark and Liz Dorey Polly's Magic Bubbles by Mark and Liz Dorey

School Story-telling

Mark shared about his marketing approach with schools. He offers school author visits for free and then returns several days later with signed copies of his books for the children to purchase if they wish. Mark’s website gives details of these school visits and how popular his story-telling sessions are.

Free story telling by author Mark Dorey

School Visits in the Canterbury area

We discussed the approaches used to school visits within the Canterbury and we were very fortunate to have the advice of Simeon Corfield, a former primary headteacher and now educational consultant ( For those of us producing Christian work he recommended contacting the Diocese rep as church schools are particularly keen on author visits as it helps with their additional inspection requirements. The local RE rep contact is Rebecca Swansbury.

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