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Find out all about The Rhymers and my growing series of books, as well as videos, games, activities and much more.


Below are links to writing resources, groups and organisations that I have found helpful in my writing journey, and I hope you do too.


Joanna Penn –

Joanna’s work is incredible! She shares very generously her knowledge of writing and the art of self-publishing. She has over 200 podcasts freely available from her website, a multitude of blogs and many books available. I am so grateful for her expertise that has saved me from making many mistakes as I build my own writing career.

Michael Hyatt –

Michael is an incredible speaker, motivator, business leader and podcaster. I have benefited so much from his wisdom and his podcasts are fascinating.

WhitWord –

WhitWord is a great and incredibly supportive local writing group that I have recently had the pleasure to join with interesting speakers and the opportunity to link up with other writers. The group meets in Whitstable, in East Kent. I would thoroughly recommend joining a group like this (or this one if you live in Kent!).


Supporting other authors

The Listening Book by James Webb. Consultancy by Andrew BullerThe Listening Book – James Webb

I have provided consultancy in the self-publishing of The Listening Book, that was published on Amazon in October 2015. I have also offered advice in the development of his website.

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