The list of titles within the Rhymers’ family keeps growing. Each of The Rhymers’ rhyming pairs have their own full-colour story book, a colouring and story book combined, and some have a companion puzzle book too. All stories are available in print and Kindle format. There are books for The Rising Rhymers’ books and a growing list of titles supporting pre-school alphabet, colours and numbers learning too. There are also Christmas, Easter and personalised birthday books.


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The Rhymers & Rising Rhymers

TheRhymers-AceandBass-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-CrashandDash-Large-FrontCover The Rhymers - Egg & Leg TheRhymers-FlexandX-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-HairyandScary-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-Cover Children's rhyming alphabet learning book TheRhymers-MimeandRhyme-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-OverandUnder-Large-FrontCover TheRhymers-PopandTop-Large-FrontCover Children's rhyming alphabet learning book TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCover

Colour Me Rhymers & Rising Rhymers

ColourMeRhymers-AceandBass-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-CrashandDash-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-EggandLeg-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-FlexandX-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-HairyandScary-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-Large-FrontCover Colouring and alphabet story book ColourMeRhymers-MimeandRhyme-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-OverandUnder-Large-FrontCover ColourMeRhymers-PopandTop-Large-FrontCover Colouring and alphabet story book ColourMeRhymers-MubblePup-Large-FrontCover Colouring fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy ColourMeRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCover colourmerhymers-christmaslamb-frontcover

Puzzling Rhymers

PuzzlingRhymers-EggandLeg-FrontCover PuzzlingRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-FrontCover PuzzlingRhymersKQ PuzzlingRhymers-PopandTop-FrontCover Puzzling alphabet book puzzlingrhymers-christmaslamb-frontcover

Mubble Pup & Puppy

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy TheRhymers-MubbleTwisters-FrontCover

Early Learning books

Alphabet Rhymers RumberRhymers-FrontCover ColourfulRhymers-FrontCover Fun shapes learning with The Shapers and The Rising Rhymers NurseryRhymers-Frontcover First words alphabet learning fun Counting down fun with the Ten Lovely Eggs

Personalised Birthday books

Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers

Christmas Lamb


Creation Rhymers

Creation story with The Rising Rhymers helping God speak the world into existence

No Underwear Bear

No Underwear Bear


TheRhymers-AceandBass-ebook-cover TheRhymers-CrashandDash-ebook-cover TheRhymers-EggandLeg-EBOOKcover TheRhymers-FlexandX-ebook-cover TheRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-ebook-cover TheRhymers-HairyandScary-ebook-cover TheRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-ebookcover TheRhymers-KickandQuick-eBookcover TheRhymers-MimeandRhyme-ebook-cover TheRhymers-NapandYap-ebook-cover TheRhymers-OverandUnder-ebook-cover TheRhymers-PopandTop-eBook-frontcover TheRhymers-VroomandZoom-ebookcover TheRhymers-MubblePup-ebook Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble Puppy TheRhymers-MubbleTwisters-ebook TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-ebook-FrontCover Alphabet Rhymers Alphabet Book RumberRhymers-ebook-cover ColourfulRhymers-ebook-FrontCover Fun shapes learning with The Shapers and The Rising Rhymers NurseryRhymers-Frontcover-ebook First words alphabet learning fun TheRhymers-ChristmasLamb-ebook Happy Birthday personalised book from The Rhymers Personalised birthday book from The Rhymers Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers Creation story with The Rising Rhymers helping God speak the world into existence No Underwear Bear



Endorsement for The Rhymers

I have been working with Speech Link, a national company who enable schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs. They recommend my work to schools and have featured my books within their Link magazine in a feature on the importance of rhyme in the educational development of children.



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